Washington 41, Oorang 10

Dan Perkins

Don’t let the score fool you.  This game was very close until the fourth quarter when turnovers led to the wheels coming off the Indians.  The first half was a defensive struggle as both teams’ punters seemed to rule the gridiron.  At halftime, the Bureaucrats (3-0) held a slim 10-3 lead. The third quarter was also even as both teams notched TDs and Washington still held a one-score lead.

The fourth quarter favored Washington, as Don Perkins led a grinding ground game.  He ended up with 135 yards for the day and three rushing TDs. Teammates Ray McDonald and John Brodie also added short TD runs as well.  Brodie had a good day in the air as he went 30-17, 199 yards.

Oorang’s (0-3) starting QB Billy Kilmer had a rough outing, going 24-8, 74 yards.  Ernie Koy led the Indian ground attack with 65 yards and a rushing TD and added eight punts.  Oorang MLB Ray Nitschke had a game-high eight tackles.

1967 Washington 41, 1967 Oorang 10
1967 Washington010724041
1967 Oorang3070010
Scoring Plays
QtrClockTeamScoring Description(Extra Point)Score
10:001967 OorangL.Michaels 33 yd. field goal3-0 OIE
212:361967 WashingtonD.Perkins 9 yd. run (F.Cox kick)7-3 WBE
20:001967 WashingtonF.Cox 33 yd. field goal10-3 WBE
39:001967 WashingtonD.Perkins 2 yd. run (F.Cox kick)17-3 WBE
35:061967 OorangE.Koy 15 yd. run (L.Michaels kick)17-10 WBE
414:421967 WashingtonJ.Brodie 1 yd. run (F.Cox kick)24-10 WBE
411:061967 WashingtonR.McDonald 2 yd. run (F.Cox kick)31-10 WBE
46:361967 WashingtonF.Cox 15 yd. field goal34-10 WBE
43:361967 WashingtonD.Perkins 5 yd. run (F.Cox kick)41-10 WBE
Other Highlights
16:541967 WashingtonMissed Field GoalFred Cox31
214:061967 WashingtonPassGary Collins33
26:361967 WashingtonQBSackNate Ramsey-4
313:121967 OorangQBSackRon Snidow-7
410:121967 OorangQBSackWalter Johnson-11
49:181967 WashingtonInterceptIrv Cross0
46:001967 OorangFumbleDan Reeves
Team Statistics
1967 Washington1967 Oorang
First Downs by Rush-Pass-Pen-Total14-12-0-263-6-0-9
Third Down Efficiency2-11-18%5-16-31%
Fourth Down Efficiency1-1-100%0-1-0%
Red Zone Efficiency (pts-poss-pct)38-42-90%7-7-100%
Total Offense-Plays-Avg Yards Per Play388-67-5.8183-57-3.2
Total Net Yards Rushing19388
Total Rushes3623
Average Per Rush5.43.8
Passes Completed/Attempted17/30 (56.7%)12/32 (37.5%)
Net Yards Passing19595
Avg Yards Per Pass6.63.5
Sacked/Yards Lost1/42/18
Punts Received/Return Yardage5/584/12
Total Fumbles/Fumbles Lost0/03/1
Time of Possession33 mins 40 secs26 mins 20 secs
Average Drive StartWBE 39OIE 27
Passing Stats
AttCompYdsComp %Yds/AttTDTD %INTINT %LongSackRating
1967 Washington
John Brodie301719956.76.60000331/476.9
1967 Oorang
Billy Kilmer2487433.33.10000170/042.7
Bart Starr843950.04.900112.5262/1824.5
Rushing Stats
NoYdsAvgLongTD2 Pt ConvFumbles/Lost
1967 Washington
Don Perkins191357.122300/0
Ben Wilson4287.010000/0
Gerry Allen492.37000/0
Ray D. McDonald441.02100/0
Timmy Brown2178.513000/0
John Brodie200.01100/0
Doug Cunningham100.00000/0
1967 Oorang
Dan Reeves10222.25002/1
Ernie Koy9657.218100/0
Bobby Mitchell221.02001/0
Allen Jacobs122.02000/0
Willie Asbury1-3-3.0-3000/0
Receiving Stats
NoYdsAvgLongTD2 Pt Conv
1967 Washington
Don Perkins4287.01200
Gary Collins24522.53300
Dick Gordon23015.01900
Bob Windsor22512.51500
Timmy Brown2168.01700
Ben Wilson2157.51200
Gerry Allen12020.02000
Ron Smith11515.01500
Doug Cunningham155.0500
1967 Oorang
John Mackey34214.01500
Boyd Dowler22412.01700
Dan Reeves2147.01300
Ernie Koy210.5200
Ray Ogden12626.02600
Bobby Mitchell177.0700
Tom Hall1-1-1.0-100
Field Goals and Extra Points
1-1920-2930-3940-4950+Totals% MadeXPs
1967 Washington
Fred Cox1/10/01/20/00/02/366.75/5
1967 Oorang
Lou Michaels0/00/01/10/00/01/11001/1
NoAvgNetTbInside 20LongBlocked
1967 Washington
Bobby Joe Green539.236.800430
1967 Oorang
Ernie Koy836.929.602540
Kickoff Returns
1967 Washington
Doug Cunningham24924.5280
1967 Oorang
Alvin Haymond36521.7240
Carl Ward24723.5240
Punt Returns
1967 Washington
Doug Cunningham515811.6180
1967 Oorang
Alvin Haymond41123.050
Individual Defense
TacklesSacksFum Rec
1967 Washington
Dave Edwards700
Mike Lucci600
Wayne H. Walker501
Dave Whitsell300
Jim Katcavage300
Walter Johnson310
Jerry Stovall200
Irv Cross200
Ron Snidow210
Richie Petitbon100
Lonnie Sanders100
Walt Barnes100
1967 Oorang
Ray Nitschke800
John Campbell700
Alvin Haymond600
Chris Hanburger600
Nate Ramsey610
Willie Wood300
Dick Evey300
Carl Eller300
Scott Eaton300
Andy Stynchula200
Dave Long100
Jim Snowden001
Tom Mack001
1967 Washington
Irv Cross100.000
1967 Oorang
Game Story
Don Perkins had a huge game as the visitors from Washington smoked Oorang by the score of 41 to 10. Perkins carried for 135 yards and hit paydirt 3 times. John Brodie passed 30 times for 199 yards. Washington was in complete control of the action. They out-ran Oorang 193 to 88 yards and out-passed them 199 to 113 yards. They controlled the ball for 33:40. Washington led at halftime 10 to 3. They led after three quarters 17 to 10.

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